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Holy Week
The picturesque urban layout of Zuheros adds a special charm to the local Holy Week. There are processions every day except Holy Monday. Friday, particularly, stands out when, in the early hours, the encounter between the Nazarene and the Virgin of Sorrows takes place in the small square of Santo.
Sundays of May in Priego de Córdoba.
Priego de Córdoba
During these tourist-interest festivals, the titular images of the brotherhoods, every Sunday in May, are displayed in magnificent altars adorned with floral decorations, lights, fabrics, candles, as well as the most beautiful candelabras and vases, achieving true works of art each year as each Brotherhood strives to surpass itself. Religious ...
Children's Processions in Lucena.
Every year, over a hundred "Procesionales Infantiles" (Children's Processions) take to the streets of Lucena, carried by children who replicate the forms of "santería" in Lucena—a unique way of bearing the thrones on their shoulders, giving a special movement to each step, accompanied by the rhythm of the drum. Santeros, ...
Holy Week in Luque
Holy Week in Luque is one of the oldest in the province, with some of its brotherhoods and sculptures dating back to the 16th century. The beauty and austerity of its processions are unparalleled, thanks to the winding and white streets, the embellishment of its facades, and the fervor with ...
Around June 24, the first Summer Fair arrives in the Subbética, the San Juan Fair, which gives way to the 'festive summer', not only for Cabra but for the entire region. This fair has numerous cultural attractions, sports events, attractions, concerts, booths, bulls and the recently recovered 'bonfires of San ...
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